Right to Resign from any Association 

 It is a universal right in a democracy to be able to choose which association you want to belong to, and which association you want to renounce. The other association abusively and totally illegally pretends that its members cannot renounce it to go to Covenant. It is once again a desperate maneuver to try to retain against their will the residents who are bored of that destructive association that spends its time fighting against everyone and squandering the money of its members in useless and already lost lawsuits, instead of working for the good of the Community.

For your peace of mind, you can be assured that Covenant will support its members against any legal action by the other association because of the fees paid to Covenant after your resignation from said association. To begin, you can send him the Letter from the lawyer Lic Francisco Simán to inform the other association that it has no right to reject your resignation.

Do not panic, or be intimidated, it does not have any legal basis: each person has the legal right to decide which association they want to participate in and which one they want to withdraw from. It is totally illegal to deny your resignation for three reasons:

1. The same statutes of said association that you can consult on its website say in Article 11: “Every associate may voluntarily separate from the association by sending his resignation in writing to the director or the Board of Directors …”

Unfortunately it is a well-established custom in that association not to respect its own rules, or the decisions of its assembly.

2. The Civil Code of the United Mexican States in its Article 444 says: “The members of the association shall have the right to voluntarily and freely separate from it, with prior notice given two months in advance of the directive.”

3. This association does not have any legal prerogative in Puerto Aventuras, it is not recognized by any authority and therefore it cannot oblige anyone.

The arrogance of that board of directors does not seem to have limits: they do not respect the law of the United Mexican States, nor their own statutes, as they have demonstrated on numerous occasions, for example by illegally looting 6 million pesos from the Streets Fund for lawsuits they lost or to cover their deficit, or denying votes, to opponents in order of payment, in their assemblies.

To resign from this association, I invite you to fill out the resignation form written by our attorney, Lic. Francisco Simán, and bring it to our office. We will take care of delivering it on your behalf to the other association and forcing them to receive it.

Letter of Affiliation to Covenant and Resignation to the other Association Natural Person :   Registration Form y Letter of Resignation Persona Moral :   Registration Form y Letter of Resignation Letter to Covenant Members Who Will Not Accept Resignation Letter from the lawyer Lic Francisco Simán for non-acceptance of resignation