News Nº18 : 20% Discount on the Water Bill for Covenant Members

Good news for all of our members! Thanks to our good relations with the Developer, we have managed to extend the 20% discount offered to Covenant members at the Golf and Beach Club to the invoices of the Concesionaria de Aguas del Caribe S.A. de C.V., starting on April 2021 (invoice to be paid before May 10, 2021), Covenant members, the Official Association of Puerto Aventuras Residents, will pay 20% less in their water and sewer bill. 

To cover the increases in production expenses of the PA Passports and bracelets, whose prices have not been increased in years, we are going to raise the prices. For our affiliates we will offer a 50% discount on all Covenant products.



 Vehicule Passport

Employee Passport


 Covenant Members

10 MXP

200 MXP

100 MXP


20 MXP

400 MXP

200 MXP

The new price of the bracelets is already being applied since the beginning of this month. The discount on PA Passports for Covenant members takes effect immediately. The increase in the price of PA Passports for non-members will be applied as of May 1, 2021, to give one last opportunity to buy PA Passports at the current price of 120 pesos for employees and 250 pesos for vehicle access. The discounts are not retroactive, every quarter you wait to join Covenant, the Official Association of Residents of Puerto Aventuras, is money lost. Join now , and start today to benefit from the discounts that Covenant offers to its members.