News Nº 17 : App to Register Visitors

Due to the great success of our application to register visitors, we inform you that as of Thursday, April 15, 2021, the PA Covenant App will be the only accepted comunication means to register visitor access to the Resort, for which we invite people who still do not have it, to visit the page and register for free via email.

This application is a fundamental part of our security strategy, since it allows us to know with certainty who is inviting whom, and to prevent people from inviting themselves as it was often the case with phone registration that was already canceled last month.

In addition, with the App, all visitors entering the Resort with a QR code automatically generating all the information in the system, which allows us to immediately locate all visitor access and know who to contact in case of problems or incivility of a visitor.

As of that date, registrations via WhatsApp will also be canceled, since this implies an unnecessary workload and manual operations that are not efficient and delay the entry of visitors, which increases the queues at peak hours.

The application is necessary to allow the entry of your guests, suppliers, food distributors, hotel or vacation rental guests … It also works for the entry of occasional workers, clarifying that workers who enter more than two days in the same week must access by the normal process, that is, with an employee passport, an employee letter or a worker’s bracelet. No invitation by the App is required for suppliers that visit several owners such as: beverage trucks, gas, construction material, DHL, Fedex….

People who do not want to use the application will have to go personally to look for their visitors at the main entrance. There will be no exceptions.

Our idea of good security is that each person who enters Puerto Aventuras must be identified and justify their entry. The best way to do it, for owners, residents and workers is with the PA Passport, and for visitors, with the App. Both are essential for optimal and efficient security. In addition, they allow important time saving both for those who enter the Resort, as well as for our security guards.

More than 80% of all owners and residents already have the PA Passport. The minority that refuse to do so are harming themselves and others, and are acting selfishly against the community by creating security breaches and creating unnecessary delays. Therefore, if you still do not have the passport or the App, we invite you to get them as soon as possible.