Positive Efficiency at the Service of the Community

Assembly to vote the union between P.A. Covenant and Asociación de Colonos :

Saturday 16 of July 2022 at 14.00 en the Beach Club

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ID de reunión: 822 3044 7592
Código de acceso: 560490
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New APP to Register Guests and Manage your Community Participation

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  • Emergency Chat to alert the community of a serious situation (accident, medical emergency, theft, fire …)
  • Find useful phone numbers (Gate Security, Emergency, Police, Office …)
  • Neighbor Chat for security issue only available to Residents.

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Welcome to the new Covenant website, the Residents’ Association who want peace in Puerto Aventuras. Our Association, does not want to fight with anyone: neither with the Developer, nor against the authorities, nor against the other association. We are lucky to live in a fantastic place, we want to enjoy it in peace and quiet, like most of the residents.

We only send positive content, in which we share useful information for residents, explain the new projects we have to improve Puerto Aventuras, and comment on the good things that are happening in our community.

What we expect from residents, is that they have an open mind and give us an opportunity to explain who we are and what we want to do for the community. Then each one can make their own mind about our Association, based on first-hand information.



News N° 61: Assembly and Payment of Maintenance Fees for the Third Quarter

News N°60 : Not a single burglary at home of Covenant Affiliate in 5 months

News N°59: Suspension for Debtors and Reactivation Solution

News N°58 : Important Security Changes

News N°57 : Zoom Meeting on April 22, 2022

News N°56 : Who pays for Security and Maintenance?

News N°55 : Zoom Meeting, Sargassum in the Kantenah Bay Lagoon, Wall against noice

News N°54 : Strong Increase in Income will allow more Investments for the Community

News N°53 : Covenant Affiliates grow 102% in the First Quarter of 2022

News N°52 : No more Plano, Manzana and Lot, now it is Street + Number

News N°51 : Covenant Security : Two months without robberies in houses or apartments in Puerto Aventuras

News N°50 : Improving Our Community is Everyone’s Responsibility

News N°49 : New in Puerto: Golf Par 3, Plaza Central Park and Rowing School

News N°48 : Internal Security : Equipment, Financing and Support for the Navy

News N°47 : Covenant closer to you : Get to know our communication channels

News N°46 : Summary of the Covenant Assembly of January 22, 2022

News Nº45 : Suspension of Services and Other Important Things

News Nº44 : Important Information to Start 2022

News Nº43: New Entrance with 9 lanes for Puerto Aventuras

News Nº42 : Covenant New Security and fight against speeding

News Nº41 : Meeting with the Secretary of Public Safety and Abandoned Vehicles

News Nº40: Covenant coordinates the garbage issue in Puerto Aventuras

News Nº39: Who manages what you receive from Puerto Aventuras?

News Nº38 : “All Digital” Procedures at the Covenant Office

News Nº37: Christmas Decoration Contest, Support to the Children of the AJAL …

News Nº36: Number of Access, Revalidation and Passport for all

News Nº35 : Private Security for Covenant Members inside the Resort

News Nº34 : Collaboration Agreement with the Municipality…

News 33 : Covenant Security Attracts Hundreds of New Residents

News 32 : Fight Against Incivilities and New Access Procedures

News No. 31 : New security measures and fight against incivilities

News No. 30 : Alert Function and Good Use of the APP

News Nº 29 : New Members and Good News from Covenant

News Nº 28 : Destruction of the lights in Central Park and assault on our staff

News Nº 27 : Summary of the Zoom Meeting of July 2, 2021

News Nº 26 : Access Policy to Puerto Aventuras Resort

News Nº 25 : New Security Measure for the Main Entrance

News Nº24 : Reservation with the App to Use the Central Park Courts

News No. 23 : Summary of the Community Meeting of May 21, 2021

News No. 22: Covenant Offers 3 Months of GigNet High Speed Internet (value 2780/6608 pesos) to its members

News Nº 21 : Progress in Main Entrance Security

News Nº 20 : Important Dates to Remember

News Nº19 : Summary of our Meeting with the Community of April 16, 2021

News Nº18 : 20% Discount on the Water Bill for Covenant Members

News Nº 17 : App to Register Visitors

News Nº16 : Reinforcement of Security Measures at the Main Gates

News Nº15 : News from Central Park

News Nº14 : More than 1 Million Visitors a Year!

News Nº13 : A Quiet Sunday at the Beach

News Nº12 : First Security Measures at the Entrance

News Nº11 : Important: New Security Measures

News Nº10 : Very Positive Results of the Entry Measures at the Main Gate

News Nº9 : How does the New App work ?

News Nº8 : New APP to Register your Guests

News Nº 7 : If you don’t have the Passport, you punish yourself and your community … Not the Developer.

News 6 : The other association raised fees by 1% (not 5%), Covenant made its fees equivalent.

News 5 : New Measures for the Entry of Construction Workers

News Nº 4 : New Vehícle Traffic Organization at Main Gates of the Resort

News Nº 3 : New Anti-Covid Measures at the Main Gate

News Nº 2 : Administrative Changes and New Project

News Nº 1 : Our President Gives 5 Bicycles for Christmas to Covenant Security Staff

 Information of interest to the Community

Free Internet at the Marina

A New ATM in Puerto Aventuras